Registered Clinical Psychologist 

M.A. Clinical Psychology (UCT) 

HPCSA number: PS 014 1801

Practice number: 0898708


My name is Byron Schwartz and I’m a registered Clinical Psychologist offering short and long-term psychotherapy to adolescents and adults in Cape Town. I’m aware that if you’re reading my website you may be facing a difficulty in your life that feels overwhelming at present.  

I want to affirm your courage in reaching out. Contrary to what many may tell you, it takes strength to acknowledge that you are struggling to cope on our own and may need professional help. 

You may rightly be wondering what therapy is and how it could possibly benefit you. While there are many brands of psychotherapy out there, at the heart of any meaningful change process are two people compassionately facing personal and universal truths together in a relationship characterised by respect, safety, trust and validation.


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